• Great post Brayan. Impressed by your deep technical knowledge of how these protocols work.

  • Hey Brayan, quick question: Would it be possible to copy an RFID card onto someone’s Android phone? Like can the NFC reader of the phone read that RFID card and replay it? I assume that’s tricky since NFC is 13.56MhZ based and RFID usually runs on 125khZ?

    • HCE (Host Card Emulation) enables the emulation of payment cards and access cards. Traditionally NFC enabled phones could act only as a reader, through an NFC controller to a physical chip called “Secure Element”. All of the NFC data is routed to the secure element, which does the decryption and only notifies the user once it finishes. With HCE however you can now route the NFC data directly from the NFC controller to the host CPU. This allows applications to interact with this data, to decrypt it, encrypt it and even emulate it. This is only present in Android phones, and blackberry phones, and only for NFC at 13.56MhZ.

  • When you use the card copy machine by itself copying cards, how do you know it works? You kind of need a random card from your wallet to copy

    • The copy machine notifies you once it releases the stored information with an LED. The most sure way of checking is to give it a try at the door you are trying to get access to.

  • Great post Bryan! I was able to copy cards very quickly and gain access to the doors I needed. Easy as pie!

  • How do you copy your citibike key?

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